Where Did The Arts Go?

Mr. Daniel Whitfield was one of my all-time favorite teachers. He had an encouragement and desire to see me succeed. He seemed to be able to get along with almost any student who wasn’t a horse’s ass, and the students felt the same likewise. At times, he would refer to me as his protege. Mr. Whitfield taught chorus, a music teacher, the same kind of teacher that exists, excuse me existed in Atlanta, GA – today APS music teachers just found out they are out of a job. Unlike the vast majority of students who came through his chorus room …..more →

“Wyld” Bill

I just found out my bud and one of my favorite music loving fans, “Wyld” Bill Dillard, suffered a heart attack a couple weeks back. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Bill at either the smallest of clubs or the biggest of joints, you’ve been missing out. When the words “support live music” are uttered, there are very few of any I’ve met besides Bill who can truly live up to that mantra. His passion and love for the art we do is undeniable. He consistently wants to give back time and again to the folks who work …..more →

Babylon Sisters Shake It

I’m very happy to announce that I’m back to do a few more shows with Yacht Rock Schooner in May: May 1 – Strand Theatre: Marietta, GA – An Evening of Steely Dan May 2 – Private: Atlanta, GA May 7 – Park Tavern: Atlanta, GA – Butterfly Wishes For Ellie Benefit May 15 – Cox Capitol Theatre: Macon, GA – An Evening of Steely Dan Even more so, two of the four shows are listed as Evenings of Steely Dan. ¬†Schooner has gotten a lot of praise the last few times they did these special shows given the complexity …..more →