Official Statement: Lingo

In December 2009, four young guys asked me to join them on stage at a bar in Atlanta. I ended up playing most of the first set with them and we jammed real well together. A couple days later, they asked me to join them for a run of three shows the following month. After the second show, while driving us to the hotel, the lead singer asked me point blank, “So when are you joining the band?” That band was Lingo. Over the course of the next five years, this band would capture a great deal of my music …..more →

Musical Gentrification

First it was Thunderbox Rehearsal Studios, recently bulldozed to the ground to make way for new apartments. Next came The Masquerade, sold for TBD purposes while the surrounding area becomes new luxury apartments.. Now, the realtors have come for Smith’s Olde Bar. They’re talking about possibly, you guessed it!, residential living. I’ve been in Atlanta for nearly a decade, and I can honestly say the local and live music scene here has changed dramatically over my stay. There have been some tremendous positives, from Aisle 5 successfully replacing the long standing Five Spot in Little Five Points, to Terminal West …..more →