Musical Gentrification

First it was Thunderbox Rehearsal Studios, recently bulldozed to the ground to make way for new apartments. Next came The Masquerade, sold for TBD purposes while the surrounding area becomes new luxury apartments.. Now, the realtors have come for Smith’s Olde Bar. They’re talking about possibly, you guessed it!, residential living. I’ve been in Atlanta for nearly a decade, and I can honestly say the local and live music scene here has changed dramatically over my stay. There have been some tremendous positives, from Aisle 5 successfully replacing the long standing Five Spot in Little Five Points, to Terminal West …..more →

New Baby, Studio & Dates!

I hope everyone has had a great summer, spent time with family and friends, and enjoyed great BBQ and music. I had the pleasure of having my daughter Katie come into this world and had my relatives all get the chance to meet her. I also finally launched the new FactorVision Studios and began tracking clients. I’m going to be working on the website soon. In the meantime, I am on the hunt for any bands or artists who would like to track at my place, and/or have me add my own track or work on their new session. visit …..more →

Where Did The Arts Go?

Mr. Daniel Whitfield was one of my all-time favorite teachers. He had an encouragement and desire to see me succeed. He seemed to be able to get along with almost any student who wasn’t a horse’s ass, and the students felt the same likewise. At times, he would refer to me as his protege. Mr. Whitfield taught chorus, a music teacher, the same kind of teacher that exists, excuse me existed in Atlanta, GA – today APS music teachers just found out they are out of a job. Unlike the vast majority of students who came through his chorus room …..more →