The Grammys

So I heard Tom Petty had a great night Sunday. My first Grammys telecast was back in 1987, which began with Paul Simon’s Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes and ended with Janet Jackson’s amazing Grammy debut and Paul winning (correctly) Album Of The Year for Graceland. I used to crave a Grammy growing up. Back then awards meant something to me.  But a couple of things happened. One, when everybody and their mama starts getting trophies for just about everything, it lowers the significance when someone wins one.  And two, maturity.  Especially as an artist.  As I grow …..more →


Period. Even if you think you’ve already backed up, just thinking that is enough reason to back up again. So my hard drive crashed on my old, 5-year-old PC. I knew my machine was getting old, running slow, it would soon be time for a new machine. However, just like most of these types of situations, you are never prepared for it. But you should be. It turns out I was due diligent with my music files. That’s what happens when you are a musician – the music is what’s important to you and, sometimes, the hell with everything else. …..more →

Why The Return?

To answer why is to also understand the last four years. In August of 2010, my solo ventures and gigs with other bands dwindled down.  So I decided to put my primary focus on – and officially join – the band Lingo.  Aside from an historical context, existing music, and having a home address for my web portfolio, maintaining a website no longer served a significant purpose, as all my immediate music actions would emanate from Lingo. What many people don’t know is that when Lingo went on hiatus in July 2011, I stopped playing music and dropped it as …..more →

The G-Factor Website Returns

It’s been a long time, but after a four-year hiatus, the Official Website of The G-Factor is back up and live once again! In the past, this website has served as a central point of focus on what I, Tony Giordano, was doing in the world of music and elsewhere. This rebuilt website offers the same information, including all my confirmed performance dates past and present, and also new features. In addition to new photos, I also have various videos of my past performances available, music I’ve worked on with various bands, information for all my current and past projects, …..more →