The Friday Factor – Lingo – 3/5/2011

Every musician that I’ve met has gone through the same situation in some fashion. We’ve all had those gigs where either the crowd was absent, literally, or was there but didn’t care to watch or take part in the show. We also know that sometimes those nights are some of the best shows or “rehearsals” that the band does, when all preconceptions and predeterminations are tossed aside, and the band just plays and tests the limits of their craft. This show was one of those nights for Lingo.

Thanks to “Taper” Steve Kwarten who decided to come out and see us, we got a great recording of a band that set up their PA in the corner of this brewery, had what seemed to be a paid rehearsal and took the bull by the horns. The result was a stellar example of how well this band jammed together back in the day. You can also hear the guys enjoy themselves, from the performances to the in-between banter. So, sit back and enjoy this week’s Friday Factor of Lingo live at the Titanic Brewery in Coral Gables, FL on March 5, 2011!

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