FactorVision Studios

I don’t know why it took me this long to get something up, but I finally have my studio’s website up and running! FactorVision Studios is officially up for business, if you haven’t already heard. You can see what the place is like, hear what has already been created there, and contact the studio to set up an appointment to visit or to do a session with FVS!


Still trying to come up with the words…….It’s hard.  Real hard. But I guess the one sure way I can begin is by saying this: beyond a shadow of a doubt, Prince was the reason why I wanted to become a musician. I’m going to tell you a story my mom always loves to talk about and, well, I guess it’s time that this part of my history comes out of my closet.  As a five year old I did not take into account in my small mind what exactly Prince was singing about, but his music connected to me. …..more →

Keith Emerson 1944-2016

I was deep into my Genesis phase as a kid when my mom came in one day and gave me a copy of Keyboard Magazine. I can’t remember the year of the edition, maybe 1990, but the cover story was about a keyboardist named Keith Emerson. Keith Emerson? The name did not ring a bell in my 14 year-old head, but I went ahead and read the article. I remember it being a very in depth article about this man and how he approached writing music, in particular a song called Eruption, the first of seven parts in his 20-minute …..more →