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Tony G - The G-Factor

Tony G – The G-Factor

In science, “The G-Factor” is referred to as general intelligence, often something that is used to measure one’s IQ.  In the music scene, it is associated with the man who’s been called “one of the best key men in the country” – Tony Giordano.

For the past 13+ years, Tony has been a touring and recording musician.  Originally from Tallahassee, FL and based out of Atlanta, GA, he has toured across the country with some of the best and most talented bands and songwriters, oftentimes blowing the minds of not just fans but of his fellow musical compatriots.  His raw energy and unorthodox style of playing the keyboards has earned him many accolades.  His long-time friend and fellow musician, Benji Shanks, has referred to him as “The Chairman of the Keyboards”.

Tony has appeared on many albums and EPs with a variety of different bands.   Whether it is on the piano or Fender Rhodes, or the Hammond B3 Organ, Tony’s style and tone can be heard on each track while seamlessly blending into the song.  While he is most known for his keyboard accomplishments, he’s also a powerful backup and lead vocalist as well as a songwriter.  In addition, he’s recently gotten more involved in music production.  His recent recording/mixing/editing credits include Lingo’s Rearrange EP and Live @Terminal West.  He’s also building his own mobile-recording studio.

Tony has both played with a ton of artists and bands, and has amassed a collection of gear, most of which he still uses today.  Click the links below to read more about his gear and his current and past projects:

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